Whitetail deer hunting from the high stands

15.9. - 31.1. Whitetail deer

15.10. - 15.1. Moose

Deers and mooses are moving in dusk so best time to hunt is early morning and evening. Morning hunt starts about 5.00am. and ends when the sun has risen. We will take you to the best high seats and hunting guide tells you tips how to get the deer or moose. Evening hunt starts about 3.00pm. and lasts as long as you want. Hunting time depends how dark or cold it is, is there snow on the ground, full moon etc. It is quite cold outside, so be prepared with lots of warm clothes, glowes etc. 

Morning and evening hunt every day

• 3 hunting days

• transportation from and to accommodation (Hyvinkää area) to hunting area.

• Finnish hunting licence and insurance

• Price: 1200€/hunter/3 full hunting days; additional days 500€ per day.

+ Trophy fees and accommodation

About Finnish hunting license:

We will get it for you. License price includes to the basic hunting fee. We will need these documents (copies) from you:

- Passport

- Contact details

- EU gun passport

- Your countrys hunting license

- Somekind of proof you are able to hunt big game