Driven hunt with wachtelhunds

Unfortunately we are sold out for hunting season 2024. Thank you for your interest!

Driven hunt of cloven-hoofed game

An exciting action-packed day is sure to keep you warm, even on a cold day. Thanks to the fast German spaniels (wachtelhund), we will have several speedy drives during the day. The German spaniel is a flushing dog that finds game and drives it towards the shooters. The shooters are located in high seats, and they can prepare for the shot by listening to the approaching bark. This type of hunt is ideal for 8 to 14 hunters.


European elk

Roe deer

White-tailed deer




Safety instructions and allotment of high seats

From two to three drives

Lunch at our lean-to

From two to three drives

Game parade

Gala dinner celebrating wild game and local delicacies